Who dropped the fish?

New York City Ball Drop

New York City Ball Drop

There are many different traditions that surround New Year celebrations – eating and drinking lots is just one of them!

One we came across recently was the tradition of dropping something to symbolise the arrival of the new year. It would seem that this is particularly prevalent in the USA where a whole array of unusual objects are dropped. The most famous “drop” is the original Times Square Ball dropped annually, broadcast nationwide live from Times Square in Manhattan, New York Cityon Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

We thought we’d see if there were any fish dropped to mark this occasion, and surprisingly we did find a few:

  • Eastport, Maine - A sardine
  • Easton, Maryland - A crab
  • Point Pleasant, New Jersey - “The Millennium Mossbunker,” a mossbunker fish (only for 2000)
  • Port Clinton, Ohio - A walleye fish, named “Captain Wylie Walleye”
  • Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin - A carp, nicknamed Lucky
  • To see a whole list, check out this Wikipedia article where items include a pine cone, French fry, cigar, a pickle, a giant M&M and a stuffed goat!

    And you thought fish were weird! Personally though, we prefer to eat fish than drop it. What a waste!

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