There’s something fishy about “Blue Monday”…

brainToday has been deemed the most miserable day of the year. The third Monday of January is, according to psychologists, the hardest day of the year for many, courtesy of a combination of bad weather, money worries and failed resolutions. (It’s true - we haven’t just made it up - see here.)

If we weren’t feeling totally chipper, just reading that would be enough to make us feel down!

Surprisingly enough though, here at Fish Fanatics HQ, we eat plenty of fish - so maybe that’s why we aren’t suffering from “Blue Monday”?

In a recent article on the Daily Mail website “Why fish could be the answer to depression” it states that “there is good reason to believe that consuming more oily fish may help stabilise mood and combat depression“.

There is a lot of research that shows that the essential fatty acids present in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are very good for the brain and yet more often than not, our intake of these oils is low. Studies have shown that it is especially low in those prone to depression and mood swings. Thankfully - Omega 3 is readily available in a wide variety of tasty fish, especially the likes of:

So don’t let “Blue Monday” or any other day get you down. Eat at least 2 portions of oily fish a week (as recommended by the Food Standards Agency), and eat your way to a healthier mind and body.

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