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There’s something fishy about “Blue Monday”…

Monday, January 17th, 2011

brainToday has been deemed the most miserable day of the year. The third Monday of January is, according to psychologists, the hardest day of the year for many, courtesy of a combination of bad weather, money worries and failed resolutions. (It’s true - we haven’t just made it up - see here.)

If we weren’t feeling totally chipper, just reading that would be enough to make us feel down!

Surprisingly enough though, here at Fish Fanatics HQ, we eat plenty of fish - so maybe that’s why we aren’t suffering from “Blue Monday”?

In a recent article on the Daily Mail website “Why fish could be the answer to depression” it states that “there is good reason to believe that consuming more oily fish may help stabilise mood and combat depression“.

There is a lot of research that shows that the essential fatty acids present in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are very good for the brain and yet more often than not, our intake of these oils is low. Studies have shown that it is especially low in those prone to depression and mood swings. Thankfully - Omega 3 is readily available in a wide variety of tasty fish, especially the likes of:

So don’t let “Blue Monday” or any other day get you down. Eat at least 2 portions of oily fish a week (as recommended by the Food Standards Agency), and eat your way to a healthier mind and body.

Visit our site for more information on the numerous health benefits of fish.

And for some great ideas on what to cook with your fish once you have it in your freezer, check out our scrumptious recipes.

Oily fish diet can cut the risk of blindness …

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Manx Kippers - full of Omega 3

Manx Kippers - full of Omega 3

… according to an article in the Daily Express today. You can read the whole story here, but in summary, it says:

A WEEKLY dose of oily fish may help prevent the most common cause of blindness in old age, ­scientists say.

Eating herring, mackerel and tuna – packed with health-busting omega 3 fatty ­acids – reduces the risk of age-­related macular degeneration by 60 per cent.

Around 500,000 Britons each year suffer AMD which stops the eyes from making out fine details, leaving victims unable to recognise people’s faces or read.

But new US research found that regular fish eaters tend to have lower rates of AMD than people who rarely eat fish.

The results boost the theory that superfood omega 3 fatty ­acids found in large concentrations in oily fish may affect the development of AMD. Cathy Yelf, of the Macular ­Disease Society, said: “This is ­another piece of the jigsaw.

“We are gradually getting a clearer picture of the part diet and general health plays in ­macular degeneration and we tell ­people to ‘eat for your eyes’ by ­including lots of fruit and green leafy vegetables in the diet as well as oily fish.”

In a study, those who ate one or more servings of oily fish each week were 60 per cent less likely to have advanced AMD than those who averaged less than a serving a week.

So get ordering your fish today at our online shop to enjoy the huge health benefits of fish.

Summer is here - bring out the fish!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
Citrus Fish Skewers

Citrus Fish Skewers

Well it’s June anyway, and the sun is out in all it’s glory while we are writing this!

Sooooo - we thought we’d share with you some de-li-cious summery recipes for both on and off the BBQ.

If you have any tasty fishy ideas, please just get in touch and we’ll add our favourites to the site! In the meantime, here are some to tickle your tastebuds…

  • This Cajun Mackerel is fresh and spicy at the same time. Delicious served with crisp green salad.
  • Citrus fish skewers - a fabulous combination of cod and prawns that will put the burger to shame on the barbie!
  • Try this divine Lobster Salad to bring a taste of luxury to your salad leaves
  • Pasta has never been so tasty - Monkfish with Lime & Ginger - and not just lime and ginger, but cream and cherry tomatoes and spring onions and parsley and white wine and mmmmmmm……!

We have loads of recipes on our site, so check them out regularly. All the fish in our recipes can be bought from our online shop.

And don’t forget - we want to know what your favourite fish based recipe is, so let us know!

Tantalise your Taste-Buds

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The Real Food Fete will be taking place at Hawarden Estate Farm Shop this weekend and Fish Fanatics will be in residence cooking up a wonderful array of seafood products to tantalise your taste-buds. The event will provide the perfect opportunity for you, our consumers, to try a selection of our produce cooked for you right there and then; hot off the frying pan and simply delicious. So why not come on down? The event promises to provide a whole array of local farm shop produce fresh for you to try and along with a selection of family entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere, the Fete is something not to be missed. Opening from 10am to 4pm, with free entry included, come and join us and experience our passion for the finest seafood.

Read Food Fete and Hawarden Estate Farm Shop Online

We will also be cooking up a storm at Longacres Garden Centre, Surrey on the 26th and 27th of September so if you’re in the area why not join us for yet another chance to experience some of our finest quality cooked fish and seafood.

Longacres Garden Centre Online

Brothers on Board

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

We now have the pleasure of supplying Bellis Brothers Farm Shop and Garden Centre with not only our finest fish but also the perfect means to store and retail the products in our sophisticated freezer units. We were even able tailor our units to meet the requirements of their outlet; right down to matching the colours of their existing decor.

The Bellis Brothers farm has been in the family for well over 100 years and the Farm Shop itself has been trading for 40 years, gradually expanding into the superb retail outlet they have today. The premises, services and products that Bellis Brothers supply are exceptional and we are delighted to be working with them.

If you would be interested in us supplying you with some of our finest frozen fish or in one of our exceptional freezer units, cladded and branded uniquely for your outlet, please get in contact and join our constantly expanding network of retail outlets. For information on this or any of our other fantastic products and services contact us on 0161 223 9311 or email

Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

This weekend we had the privilege of exhibiting details of our business; our commitments to organic, sustainable methods; our passion for fish and the food industry and above all our commitment to providing you the consumers with means to enjoy our finest produce, at the Speciality & Fine Foods Fair 2009 (London Olympia). It was great to meet with so many potential buyers and explore the potential for Fish Fanatics to access even more supply outlets throughout the UK allowing us to continue in our aim to provide fish lovers with our highest quality frozen fish and seafood. We enjoyed meeting with everyone who came to talk to us; the positive feedback we received was brilliant especially regarding the delicious samples which simply flew off our stand!

The event itself was a great success and it was brilliant to be approached by so many people and see so many of our fellow industry contributors exhibiting despite our difficult economic times. The fair is already set for yet another fantastic year and Fish Fanatics are proud to announce that we will, once again, be among the many other exhibitors greeting trade representatives in 2010. So, if you’re interested in joining the many outlets who are already supplied by our superb frozen produce then the Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2010 is an event not to be missed.

Learn more about the Food Fair online

Sizzling Specials for August

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Bored of burgers? Sick of sausages? Add that extra sizzle to your summer barbeque with a touch of our finest fish. Head over to for a list of our latest special offers including our selection of raw tiger prawns, marlin, tuna and swordfish loins, sardine fillets and a wide selection of sushi trays all at a reduced price and perfect for your barbeque. Also watch out for our brand new selection of hampers bursting with a wide range of speciality sea food. Don’t delay!

Shellfish Hamper

Speciality Food Show 2009 - Harrogate

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

After becoming a Guild of Fine Food member this year we were given the fantastic opportunity to exhibit at there Annual Speciality Food Show in Harrogate on 14th & 15th June so we took advantage of there offer.

The show caters for buyers and owners of independent retailers on the lookout for new and exciting products for there outlets. There was such a wide variety on show that would surely wet anyone’s appetite.

We feel the show was a great success and received fantastic feedback and are already supplying some fabulous new shops that we hope Fish Fanatics will be a successful new line that will be become a customer favourite.

We have already “signed on the dotted line” for next years show and we will be sure to be exhibiting more and more this year all over the UK. We will be posting our latest exhibitions on the blog and if any of our customers require tickets do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime enjoy looking through the pictures from last weeks show.