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Oily fish diet can cut the risk of blindness …

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Manx Kippers - full of Omega 3

Manx Kippers - full of Omega 3

… according to an article in the Daily Express today. You can read the whole story here, but in summary, it says:

A WEEKLY dose of oily fish may help prevent the most common cause of blindness in old age, ­scientists say.

Eating herring, mackerel and tuna – packed with health-busting omega 3 fatty ­acids – reduces the risk of age-­related macular degeneration by 60 per cent.

Around 500,000 Britons each year suffer AMD which stops the eyes from making out fine details, leaving victims unable to recognise people’s faces or read.

But new US research found that regular fish eaters tend to have lower rates of AMD than people who rarely eat fish.

The results boost the theory that superfood omega 3 fatty ­acids found in large concentrations in oily fish may affect the development of AMD. Cathy Yelf, of the Macular ­Disease Society, said: “This is ­another piece of the jigsaw.

“We are gradually getting a clearer picture of the part diet and general health plays in ­macular degeneration and we tell ­people to ‘eat for your eyes’ by ­including lots of fruit and green leafy vegetables in the diet as well as oily fish.”

In a study, those who ate one or more servings of oily fish each week were 60 per cent less likely to have advanced AMD than those who averaged less than a serving a week.

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